Christopher Kim

Managing Partner @ Bionic Growth
Growth Advisor/ Fractional CMO @ Startup Studios

Hi. I'm Chris.

I'm the one you call when your bottom line needs a life.

I'll absolutely help you to develop a rock solid-business strategy, but I’m a “make things happen” sort of person. If the usual cookie-cutter approach didn’t work or wasn’t worth it, that’s when you contact me.

I'm available to help with a few select sales/marketing/growth projects on a limited basis. So if you're looking for a fractional CMO, someone to help you go-to-market, or just need no-BS advice, feel free to connect.

Really, if you need anything else related to growing your business, feel free to get in touch. With the network we've got, I can pretty much guarantee we can hook you up with someone who can help.
co-founder & managing partner

Saif Akhtar and I are building a global network to help startups get shit DONE. Growth Advisory, Open Accelerator, Startup Packages, and free resources.

founder & managing partner

Mighty-K Marketing

In 2012, Erin Griffith and I founded Mighty-K, a full service sales and marketing agency. We helped tech, professional services, ecommerce, real estate, and financial services clients on either coast, Canada, and the UK.

In 2020 Mighty-K was involved in a merger which resulted in the creation of Startup Studios

fractional, contract, & special-project

Sales & Marketing

Without the bullshit!

There's no shame in using hired help to do the heavy lifting.

Sometimes that help is me.

A few examples below.
More info available on request.


This started as a contract role to build out the first AppCorp sales team, and evolved into a position with complete functional ownership of sales, marketing, and growth.

Virtual View

I built their first sales and marketing team, formed the strategy, installed the processes, and executed and refined them for a few cycles. Mission accomplished.


As Head of Growth, I helped FoundersList grow to thousands of users and get accepted into Acceleprise. I also met my current co-founder Saif, who was heading up Community.

Zero awards, keynote speeches, or other distractions.

But ask me how many businesses I helped make money.

Oh, and ask THEM how much they liked working with me.

Thanks tyler!

Tyler - AppCorp

“I worked with Chris at AppCorp, in the very early, pre-revenue stage of the business. Out of quite a few other teammates who claimed to be die-hard, dedicated, and driven, Chris outperformed every other individual by miles on every single metric. Dedication, drive, ambition, capability, and actual results, he was the one who got it all done."

Erin's good people too

Erin - Crowdnews

"When you first speak with him you may notice that he is just the kind of person that you would like to get to know. It is not until you ask a question that his encyclopedia of knowledge about sales, marketing and human behavior comes to the forefront. He takes the time to listen and understand the needs of everyone he speaks to because he truly wants to help in meaningful ways and has the skills at his disposal to do so. When you put all of this together you see a person that is unnervingly adept at bringing out the best of those he works with- be it co-worker, client, or product, and equally skilled at bringing those things together in mutually beneficial ways”

Chris's marketing strengths speak for themselves - His clients can tell you that. But what you won't read about are the "extras" you get when working with him. His sense of humor and ability to talk about things other than work. His empathy to understand what a team or Founders are going through. Chris is the voice of reason every entrepreneur should have in his or her ear to help filter through the noise related to your product or messaging.

Saif Ahktar


The best salespeople I have met genuinely wanted to help people. Case in point, the best sales call I ever got was from He didn't call to sell me something, he called me with an idea that would help my hospital. And it was a great one. I signed up as an excellent decision. Chris earned my respect and my trust. That's how you do i



Chris has been an invaluable resource and mentor to me. Starting a business is difficult, but having someone to help guide your strategy, offer advice, and flesh out your ideas is priceless. Chris is extremely responsive and quick to offer constructive feedback, and he has a wealth of knowledge about marketing and sales. Don't hesitate to work with him! He's someone you'll be glad to have on your team



“Chris has the ability to see opportunities and potential I have never encountered before. I don't know if it comes from his years of experience, constant drive to improve his skills and educate himself or if it's just an innate ability he has been gifted with. Couple that with his endless drive to succeed and you have a marketing machine.”


Blue Collar Creative

Media, Mentions, and More.

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