Christopher Kim

Husband, Father, Pack-Mule

Hi. I'm Chris.

Here's the 10,000 foot view of who I am.

Back Home

Local Boy

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, way back in 1979. I left for the Bay Area when I turned 18, and arrived in time for the Dot Com Boom and Bust. I then spent 3 years in New York, 13 in Boston, 3 on my ranch in New Mexico, and now I'm finally back in Hawaii, where I plan to raise my family.

I met my match

Here's Kim Kim

I married Kim Rottas on February 9th, 2020. Kim is a geologist and environmental consultant who has worked with NASA, studying the geology of mars. She's also been to 36 countries, backpacked across the whole of Africa, got me into Scuba, and is all-around hard to keep up with.

Time to face the change,
cha cha changes!

Bundle of Joy

Here's when we found out

Our daughter Maeve is due on November 23rd, 2020. I'm a bit late to the kid party. I'll be sixty when she graduates high school! Even so, I can't wait for this new adventure!


Bella was the best companion anyone could ever ask for. She didn't leave my side for 10 years. RIP, dear friend.

Jack & Luke

Adorable and troublesome Shiba Inus.

Beo & Barkus

These guys grew up on the ranch and are throughly country dogs, with the wild critter body-count and skunk-sprayings to prove it.

Family Matters

The Kim's

These People

Here's my mom, Linda, a nursing director. My dad, Marcus, a retired sr. vp at AON. My sister Carley, master forager, and of course Kim and I.

Old School

Korean Picture Bride

In 1920 my great-grandmother Ho Yen Hong, emigrated to Hawaii to marry a man she never met, named Kim. They worked on the pineapple plantations on Oahu, and had many children, including my grandpa, Frank.

Eventually Kim died, and she married a man named Hong, and had many more children. The Kims and the Hongs got along swimmingly, and I had many great-aunts-and- uncles to annoy.

Old School

Kaiser's Guard

Here's my great-grandfather Fritz Franz Brahmann, and his wife Berta, my great-grandmother.

He was in the honor guard of Kaiser Wilhelm, and was later a postmaster in East Prussia.

His daughter Elisabeth fled the Russians during WWII, where she eventually met my grandfather, Frank.

And that's how we arrive at my Korean-German-American upbringing. Where Kimchi was served alongside the Schnitzel.

Old School

Chief Master Sergeant Frank "T.S." Kim

My grandpa always said that his middle initials stood for "Tough Shit," but it was really "Tai Su."

A golden gloves amateur boxing champion, he served in the USAF until retirement and was actively deployed in three wars as a radio operator. He was the first-ever asian CMS in the airforce.

After the military, he got a job in civil defense and was in charge of the Hawaii air-raid, and Tsunami alarm systems. He also worked as an insurance salesman for Metlife, and took me bowling often.

Old School

Sergeant Major Frederick Wrote

A deeply kind and funny man, Grandpa Fred always told me that I was "smarter than a box of rocks," which is something 5-year-old me would brag about. Constantly. Whoops.

Starting as a machine gunner, he served with the Army until retirement. He was captured by the Germans and never did talk about his time as a POW. At least not to me.

Cancer took him before I could get to know him as an adult, but my mom and aunts idolized him, and that's all I need to know to be able to call him one of the best men I've ever known.

Next Generation


Our daughter Maeve was born November 24th, 2020, and though I haven't slept since, fatherhood is absolutely magical. I can't wait to discover who she will become!

The Gag Reel

Aeia Loop Trail

Makapu'u Lighthouse

The Ranch

Bella and Stick

Wedding Venue

Kim and Chris

Friends and Family



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