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Bionic Life

Hi. I'm Chris.

I have a congenital birth defect. My left hand stopped developing at 8 weeks in the womb. As you'll see below, it didn't really affect my life to a huge degree, but I did eye the limb replacement scene in The Empire Strikes Back with keen interest. I was 4, and Empire was the first film I ever saw in the theater. It was magic.

In 1983 there was no sense that "I" ever stood a chance at having a bionic limb. The tech just seemed too far away.

Que Open Bionics and their affordable (for the average person) Hero Arm. This page is to showcase my experience with my long dreamed-of Skywalker-esqe limb.

On the one hand...

Here's Me

How it started

Here's a mud-covered, one-handed Hawaii boy, circa 1987. My mother insists that I refused to wash off the mud. This is clearly a lie, as future pictures will prove.

The Sporting Life

Friday Night Lights

Until girls started trending when I hit 12, the only things that mattered to me were video games and sports. Here I am as an OPHS middle linebacker, 1994. Go Eagles.


Best Captain Hook

Of course my wife is the croc!

One of the perks of being one-handed is that I can plain out-compete anyone dressing up like Captain Hook on halloween. I even have a real hook now, too.


I played baseball a lot as a kid. Even made a few All-Star teams as a one-handed first baseman. I was never the best player on any of my teams, but I was never the worst either.


This is here to prove that I wasn't always covered in mud. Though this shirt did get me in trouble when I tried to breakdance on the cafeteria floor at St. Elizabeth's.


Here I am at my wedding. I didn't know it at the time, but on my honeymoon road-trip I was to be going to the Hanger clinic, to get fitted for a new bionic limb. The Hero Arm

In February 2020, I married Kim. Yes, her name is now "Kim Kim."
- We get a kick out of it -
We took a honeymoon road-trip through the pacific northwest.
But our first stop was the Hanger Clinic, in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

Hanger Clinic

At the clinic, Matt Maggioni - former bassist for Grammy-nominated heavy metal band Baroness - fit me for my new limb. He was fantastic, as was everyone else from Hanger. They even mailed me the Hero Arm, saving me from traveling back to LA from Hawaii during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Quality people all around.

3 Months Later

Thanks, Open Bioncs!

I received my Hero Arm on July 10th, 2020.

I can't say that I NEEDED it. Truth is that my life has been pretty fantastic. The one-hand thing was just a small piece. However, in a way that I can't really explain, the Hero Arm was life-changing anyway. I'm so very excited that kids born into the modern era, with limb differences like me, will have access to this kind of technology. Now let's make it so that everyone who needs one can afford to get one.

A portion of all proceeds from Startup Studios will go toward that goal.

Hero Arm In Action!

Hero Arm - Shopping 2

Hero Arm - Shopping 1

Hero Arm Demo

Picking Up a Hydroflask

Hero Arm - Car Closeup


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